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an unfilled space or interval; a gap.


Vi is terrible at many things.

Unlucky, cursed, or maybe just clumsy, she can't seem to hold onto a job for very long.

Fortunately for her, evil masterminds need assistants, too. 

After accidentally breaking a relic that transports her to another realm, she needs your help to escape before her boss finds out.


average play time: between 15 and 60 minutes, depending on how well you can solve puzzles/follow directions. reading the sign helps, pal.


A short visual novel style game where you assist Vi, a hard of hearing assistant. Many visual novel games are based on dialogue - all the information you receive is based on what the character hears. I wanted to create a mechanic based on a hard of hearing main character, where some of the information that the player receives has the potential to be faulty.


Game was created using TyranoBuilder, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.


password puzzle hint: use all lowercase letters.


lacuna PC ver.zip 74 MB
lacuna mac ver.zip 78 MB


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This game had such a great concept! I've gotta know though, were you a barista? ^ - ^ Vi is such a great character! Thanks again for making this really amazing game!

thank you so much!! no, i personally am not a barista, but my sister and boyfriend are, so i hear lots of fantastic stories from them ^^; and sorry about the password part! that has been everybody's least favorite puzzle ehehe

lol it was definitely a challenge but I totally blame myself for not thinking about case sensitivity; I'm a terrible multitasker, so talking, playing, and thinking just don't go well together for me ^ - ^'